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very easy....

very easy....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Uni-Soy, the most versatile soy wax ever!

We've imported the best soy ever. Pure soy wax with a melt temperature of 60 it can be manipulated to your needs.
Basically a container candle is expected to:
  1. melt right across, with no crater effect
  2. adhere to the walls of the containers, a purely visual expectation
In containers you can also load your fragrance a little heavier, as melting is no issue.
  • Melt Uni-Soy and add 'container maker' at the rate of 200-300ml per kg once melted. Then add your colour and fragrance choices.
  • Tip: allow the wax mixture to cool to 60-65 and pour into warmed glass.
For a perfect pillar melt Uni-Soy with 20% of a harder wax.
We have tested it with wax improver, aura palm wax and beeswax. The addition of paraffin would also be acceptable.
Tests have shown a 6 hour burn with a rim of 5mm which is

This wax has taught us to be brave and try new mixes, do not be limited by a wax or blend.
See the next blog for lots of other great ideas!

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  1. Lovely looking candle,really beautiful and elegant" ".Beautiful.