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very easy....

very easy....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mix it up and get creative!

Following our test with the versatile Uni-Soy wax, we went a step further to use the container maker in other waxes. Why not?
The candles in the photo have been made by mixing it up...see more.

Beeswax is a favourite of mine but it's a tough one to burn in containers as it just won't melt right across.
So we started with 20% container maker and have now gone to a rate of 1:1 trial (for every 100gm beeswax add 100ml container maker) and the burn as a container candle is just lovely!
It tolerates the extra oil load beautifully and still feels and smells like beeswax. Its characteristics are not lost at all, though its colour is reduced (by half presumably).
This also reduces the cost of your beeswax candle...

Aura Palm - an earlier blog claims its place as economical, versatile and a mimicks soy and paraffin in pillars. So we tested it with 20% container maker and it also became a perfect container candle.

Then we tried Uni-Soy (1/3) with beeswax (1/3) and container maker (1/3) which made a beautiful softly coloured candle.

Conversely, as mentioned in the previous blog, you can blend your waxes to make an ideal pillar. Uni-Soy and beeswax; uni-soy and aura etc.

It's empowering to know that you can create the candle you want!
So add container maker to your shopping list and see what you can do!!

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  1. These Soy Wax candles look great. Are these scented candles, and do they come in different colors.