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very easy....

very easy....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Can you tell which is which?

Yes, it's a bit tricky isn't it? Even if there were prices on these you might be hard pressed telling them apart at a glance.
These candles were all amde to make a glossy, white, perfect candle with good burn qualities.

People choose their wax for many reasons, the look, the feel, environmental issues, and the cost.
So when I'm asked what's best I can only add all those factors together - most economical, reliable, clean finish and white in its base form - Aura palm Wax for a perfectly natural candle.

Can you tell which is which?
...far left is Aura Palm, in the centre is Paraffin, right is Soy Wax for pillars.
Also coincidentally they are ordered from cheapest @ $7.50 to most @ $11.50.
Bulk pricing offers better deals on the per kg price.

You will find the waxes at

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